China Hydraulic-Scrap-Aluminium-Metal-Chips-Briquetting-Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers – Hydraulic-Scrap-Aluminium-Metal-Chips-Briquetting-Machine Made in China – Jiangyin Xinchen Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. Our Hydraulic-Scrap-Aluminium-Metal-Chips-Briquetting-Machine are advanced in quality, durable and easy-maintainable. Welcome to wholesale and buy Hydraulic-Scrap-Aluminium-Metal-Chips-Briquetting-Machine, and If you want to customized or buy second hand Hydraulic-Scrap-Aluminium-Metal-Chips-Briquetting-Machine, you can also choose our factory! We can also provide you with price list, for more info, welcome to contact us.
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Hydraulic Scrap Aluminium Metal Chips Briquetting Machine

Hydraulic Scrap Aluminium Metal Chips Briquetting Machine

Metal shavings machine use: mainly used to pass cast iron shavings, copper shavings, aluminum shavings, steel shavings (≤50mm), crushed materials (50~80mm) and other waste materials through a special mold to make it bear on a very small area High pressure is used to press into a block, which greatly facilitates the transportation of metal scraps, and reduces the amount of oxidation and burning during the smelting process to achieve significant economic benefits. It is an ideal equipment for metal smelters.

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