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Машина за брикетиране на алуминиев чип

Машина за брикетиране на алуминиев чип

Aluminium briquetting machine, iron briquetting machine, copper briquetting machine, steel briquetting machine and other metal briquetting machines, suitable for aluminum alloy profile plants, steel casting plants, aluminum casting plants, copper casting plants , Return aluminum scrap, steel scrap, iron scrap, and copper scrap to the furnace to replace scrap steel, pig iron, aluminum ingot and scrap copper as raw materials, which can reduce burning loss. The equipment can directly cold-press powdered cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum, etc. into cylindrical cakes of 3-6 kg, which is convenient for transportation and furnace. The whole process does not require heating, additives, or other Craft. The density of cast iron chips after pressing can reach 5~6T/m3. The product can also adopt dome......

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